Cheat BLUE for Escape From Tarkov


Private BLUE cheat for Escape From Tarkov. A good option for earning game currency, as well as for accompanying players on raids. In the software, you can see all people and loot, and there is also a silent aimbot.


  • Windows 10 1809 - 21H1 build
  • INTEL / AMD processor


  • Player ESP (Shows players)
  • Name ESP
  • 2D Box
  • Skeleton (Shows the skeleton of the player)
  • Show Health
  • Distance ESP (Shows distance to targets)
  • Show Friendly
  • Item ESP:
  • Show loot (Shows things on the map)
  • Setting display distance
  • Setting the minimum price of an item to be displayed
  • Show Containters
  • Show Exists
  • Does not display empty boxes
  • Shows the contents of containers
  • Shows contents in bags
  • Shows contents in jackets
  • Sort items by price


  • Enable Aimbot-
  • Aim Smooth-
  • Silent Aim
  • Shoot Through walls-
  • Aim Key- (Aimbot activation button)
  • Aim Fov- (Angle of view for aiming)
  • Aim Bone- (Head, Body, Neck)
  • Show Aim Fov- (Shows the Aim FOV area)
  • Crosshair- (Show crosshair)


  • No Recoil- (Disable recoil)
  • No Spread- (Disable the spread of bullets from weapons)
  • No Breath- (Infinite breath holding)
  • Infiniti Stamina- (Endless Run)
  • Instant Oxygen- (Infinite Oxygen)





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