Cheat HORIZON for Escape From Tarkov

  • Game Version | Game version: Last
  • Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 (1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2)
  • Supported modes | Supports modes: Fullscreen, Borderless
  • Fullscreen and Borderless support.

You must turn off secure boot in BIOS.


  • ESP (Distance, Box, Show Boss, Show Raider, Gun, Level, Team) - Shows the ESP of players, Bots, Bosses, Retinues, etc. etc!
  • Loot ESP (Price are updated) - Loot is updated from the market before each skating rink, there is always an up-to-date price list of this kind in more than one software.
  • AIMBOT (Silent Aimbot) - Silent aimbot
  • NO SWAY, NO SPREAD - No bullet spread, no weapon swing
  • Unlock Doors - Opening doors without keys
  • Thermal Vision - Thermal vision
  • Shoot Through walls (1 tap actually) - Shoot through walls (1 tap)
  • Fast search - fast search for items
  • Quick study - Quick study of subjects
  • Remove All effects (no visor, ugly pain effects, rain and all terribile shit) - (No visor, no pain effects, no rain and other excess shit)
  • Price sliders
  • Infinite stamina - Infinite stamina
  • Thirdperson is a 3rd person game!
  • Debug camera, with its help you can loot closed rooms at a distance of 2.5m, as well as stuck loot in textures !!!
  • Adjust the display scale as you like, the picture can be stretched forward, backward, left, right !!!

Attention, after purchasing the key, it is no longer possible to return it!

* When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens

Cheat functions can be added or removed at any time, as the developers decide.





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