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Apex Account

✅ After purchasing an Apex Legends product (Random 1-199 Level:

✅ You receive an account with a licensed game ORIGIN in the form: email: password.

✅ 30 days guarantee for 100% access and 100% for a replacement once if the account stops working!

✅ After payment for the goods, the purchased data will be displayed in the browser window and a copy will be sent to your E-MAIL.

✅ Please note that there is no option to change account data.

✅ All accounts are Region Free, Russian localization is not guaranteed.

✅ Any other games on the account are a bonus, but the performance of these games is not guaranteed.

✅ Please, if at least one item does not suit you, do not buy this product.

⬇️ Brief description:

Apex Legends is a multiplayer shooter set in the Titanfall universe. Unlike other games in the series, there are no titans here - only pilot battles with each other. Players will find a variety of unique heroes, each with their own skills, the ability to play in a group, as well as things that are unique for the genre - for example, a spawn beacon.

The game is distributed on a free-2-play model, allowing players to spend money on various in-game purchases like skins.




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