Cheat QC for Rust


Dominate your opponents in Rust with aimbot, ESP and other functions.

We also provide a spoofer that comes with the cheat included! Protect yourself from the HWID ban! Spoofer is provided only when buying for a month !!!

Requirements for work:

  • Windows 10 64bit Build (1803,1809,1903,1909,2004)
  • Supports Intel & AMD processors

Huge functionality:

Player ESP

  • Name, Skeleton, BOX, Corpse, Distance, Health, HeldItem, Backpack, NPC, Hotbar, Sleepers, Clothing

Collectables ESP

  • Hemp, Corn, Stone, Wood, BlueBerry, WhiteBerry, Mushroom, Potato, Metal, Disel, YellowBerry, Pumpkin, BlackBerry, RedBerry, Candy


  • Toggle, Radar background, Radar Outline, Radar Cross


  • Enable Aimbot, RecoilComp, Draw AIM FOV, Smooth, AimBodyIfHealthis X, Predictions, Draw Crosshair, Aim Key, Aimspot

Weapon mods

  • NoRecoil, Automatic, EokaTap, NoMeleeSlow, FastBow, NoSpread, BulletThick, NoBolt, InstaCharge, NoBowAimcone, NoSway, AimInMountable, 2x Melee, NoMovementPen, Projectile Thickness, Recoil X, Recoil Y

Movement Mods

  • NoAimblock, InstantHeal, RotateShit, Jesus, InfJump, NoSlow, Spiderman, InstantDrink, NoFall, IncHeight, FakeLag, EyePos, DebugCamera, InstantRevive (F), AutoRun, FloatInWater, Flyhack


  • NormalCrate, ToolCrate, AWaterCrate, MilitaryCrate, FoodCrate, BWaterCrate, EliteCrate, MedicalCrate, BasicCrate, Crate Distance, StoneOre, MetalOre, SulfurOre, Ore Distance, Bear, Wolf, Stag, Boar, Horse, Animal Distance, Barrels, OilBarrel, OilBarrel Distance


  • DroppedItems, Cupboard, LockedCrates, Stashes, CargoShip, Airdrops, Workbench, World Distance, Turrets, Landmine, GunTrap, SnapTrap, FlameTrap, SamSite, Trap Distance, PatrolHeli, RowBoat, Bradley, Minicopter, RHIB, Vehicle Distance


  • Dayhack, BrightStars, Aimbient, SkyChanger, SaveAmbient, CloneHemp, PickStone, PickWood, PickShroom, PickHemp, PickMetal, PickCorn, PickPotato, PickBerry, PickSulfur, PickPumpkin, PickCandy, AutoKnock, FovChanger, AutoOpen, FreeChanger


  • OmniSpring, ShotgunNoSpread, Spinbot, SilentMelee, MeleeOnlyVisible, SilentFarmOre, HitDistance 1337, MagicBullet, Headshot%, HeliMagic, Suicide [P], MassSuicide, LockCodelocks, AutoUpgrade

Attention, in cheats on Rust there is a high chance of a ban, carefully consider this before buying a cheat. Use alt accounts to play with cheat.

Need a Rust account? - No problem, you can buy it from us (Buy a new account with full access!) 

Attention, after purchasing the key, you cannot return it!

* When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens





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