Cheat Crooked Arms for COD WARZONE

Crooked Arms

A cool private cheat for playing call of duty warzone, from a top development team. By purchasing this cheat, you will receive regular product updates, as well as a minimum chance of being banned.

Take advantage of online payment now and receive the goods in the mail to become invincible in Cod Warzone.

  • Works on Windows: 10 x64
  • Supported Builds: 1903,1909,2004.20H2,21H1

How do I know the assembly? Press the key combination Win + R, insert the WINVER command into the field, and press Ok.

  • Processors: Intel / AMD


  • In the display settings, check the set display scale: it should be 100%

Setting up the graphics in the game:

  • Supported Game Mode: Windowed

A way if you want to play in full screen, not in a window: start the game, start skype, turn on the screen display in skype, turn on the mode in the game (in the full screen window), turn off the screen display

Cheat functions:

  • Player
  • Name
  • Health
  • Weapon
  • Distance
  • Line
  • 2D Box
  • Skeleton (Skeletons (subject to visibility)
  • Only visible
  • Size line skeleton (Skeleton size (1-3))
  • Backlight distance (10m to 1000m)
  • Additional distance (Illumination range for Name, Health, Weapon)
  • Shot Prediction


  • Enable radar
  • Size
  • Position by X
  • Position by Y
  • Alpha (General transparency)
  • Backlight distance


  • Primary weapon (Main weapon (-))
  • Grenade launchers (Grenades, mines, knives)
  • Ammo (Ammo)
  • Armor
  • GasMask
  • Money
  • Crates (Boxes)
  • Keycards
  • Additional
  • Backlight distance


  • Enable aimbot (triggered by holding down the specified key)
  • Type: - the mouse movement
  • - movement of the sight (movement of the sight)
  • Visibility Check
  • Only in zoom (Aim only in the scope)
  • To work on knocked players (Aim at knocked out)
  • Smoothness guidance
  • Control radius (Radius of control (free zone of movement of the sight, taking into account the captured target))
  • Fov (Field of View (FOV))
  • Distance
  • Bullet flight time
  • Bone selection (head \ neck \ body)
  • Key selection (ANY YOUR CHOICE)


  • No recoil


  • Color hidden enemy
  • Color visible enemy
  • Target color

When you play with a weapon that has low recoil and use Aim + Disable Recoil, Aim will shoot in the legs.

Note: Choose one or use a high-impact weapon!





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