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Payment and delivery

Options for payment and delivery of goods The goods can be paid using one of the payment methods offered on the site. Payment goes through the digiseller payment service. Currently available payment methods: Webmoney, Bank cards, Qiwi wallet, Alipay, Skinpay and some others. Paid goods are received by the user manually or automatically on the same page on which the payment was made. Also, during the payment process, the user specifies an e-mail to which a link is sent to access the paid product. Refunds Policy: Refunds for purchased goods are provided for cases when the Site Administration is unable to fulfill its obligations. Such cases include an incorrectly issued activation key, the inability to provide a product and other deviations in the normal functioning of the goods paid by the buyer. Refunds are not provided for account blocking and similar problems! Returns are made according to the details that the buyer used to pay for the goods. To request a refund, you must contact the Site Administration. For all questions related to the purchase, please contact with ticket system in your profile on our site.