Warranties provided by our website
We give a money-back guarantee if the product purchased on our website does not start or does not want to work, only on the condition that all the recommendations and instructions from our side were followed by you. It is important to note that in some cases, a refund is not possible after activating the key, since the cheat developers do not make a refund under any circumstances!
We accept payment through the system Oplata.Info, which gives an additional guarantee in the reliability of our goods. You can always leave a negative claim in this system and ask to solve your problem. We always care about the quality of the services provided, in the case when you cannot figure out the program yourself - you can always contact us for technical support.
Personal certificate in the Webmoney system.
Openness and reliability. We will always answer your questions and help you decide on the choice of this or that product.
We provide FREE technical support to our users. Remarkable is the fact that we can connect to your computer and configure the program ourselves, without your participation.
Our communication channels are always open and publicly available, (recently, the blocking of our groups in VK and DISCORD has become more frequent, according to the copyright holders. Complaints from game manufacturers for the sale of cheats.) Vkontakte and our Telegram channel.
We have an open Vkontakte group where you can find reviews from our customers. Link to reviews Elitehacks.Ru - https://www.google.com
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