Cheat BAUNTI for Fortnite


Private cheat for Fortine. Supports only EasyAnticheat anti-cheat. If you start with BattlEye, you will get banned!

  • Game version / Game version: Epic Games Launcher (last stable version)
  • Supported OS / Supported OS: Windows (x64 only): 10 (1809/1903/1909/2004 / 20H2)
  • Supported CPU / Supported processors: Intel / AMD

Game mode:

  • Works only in windowed mode / Works only in windowed mode
  • Supported anti-cheats / Supported anti-cheats: Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC)
  • Invisibility while recording: Support for any programs (except shadowplay), including recording and streaming the entire screen.

Status / Status:

  • * BattlEye (BE) not support now! Running with BattlEye (BE) = Ban!
  • * BattlEye (BE) is not supported! Launch with BattlEye (BE) = Ban!



  • Crosshair / Show crosshairs
  • Weapon / Display weapons in the hands of players
  • Distance / Display distance to players
  • Box / Display 2D squares around players
  • Bone: Display the skeleton.
  • Crosshair: Display a crosshair in the middle of the screen.
  • Line: Displays lines to players.
  • Text Size: Change the size of the text.


  • Radar: Turn on / off the radar.
  • Pos X: Change the position of the radar along the X axis.
  • Pos Y: Change the position of the radar on the Y axis.
  • Size Value: Resize the radar.
  • Scale Value: Change the scale of the radar.
  • Box Aplha: Resize boxes.
  • Text Size: Change the size of the text.




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