Cheats for SCUM. In a private cheat for SCUM there is a convenient entry and esp for players and loot, as well as magic bullets and a speedhack!

This cheat is sold by slots! If you have not bought cheats from me before, there is even no point in writing. If, nevertheless, there were purchases of cheats for Dayz and other games, please contact us!

Anti-cheat status:

EasyAnticheat: Undetected *

Separate spoofer on sale for this cheat

Game version:

The last

Features of the cheat:

Supports all game modes;

No crashes and drawdowns of FPS when using a cheat;


Intel or AMD processor;

Windows 10 version 1903, 1909, or 2004

Cheat functions:

Aimbot - Aimbot

Aimkey - Aimbot key

FOV - Aimbot radius

Smooth - Smooth debugging

At team - Enable aimbot for teammates

Style (Normal, Magic Bullets) - Aim style (Normal, or magic bullets)


Player ESP (Show Team Mates, Show Names, Healthbar, Head dot, Show Distance) - Highlighting players, Nicks, Health, Point on the head, Distance

Zombie ESP (Show Names, Healthbar, Head dot, Show Distance) - Zombie Name, Health, Head Dot, Distance

Loot ESP (Show Names, Show Distance, Show Weapons, Show Ammo, Show AmmoBoxes, Show Magazines) - Nicks, distance, Weapons, Ammo, Ammo Boxes, Shops

Misc - Add. Functions

Speedhack - Speedhack (Run fast)

Speedhack Percent - Speedhack speed

Speedhack Key - Button to activate the speedhack

No Spread - Anti spread

No Recoil - Anti-recoil

Rapid Fire - Rapid Fire

Unlimited Ammo - Infinite Ammo

Zero Ammo Cost - Zero ammo cost

Crosshair - Sight

Features can be removed or added at any time!




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