Cheat CYBER HACK for Stalker Online/ Stay Out


Technical information:

Game site: Game page on Steam

Game version:

Status: Undetected (since release 07/27/2020)

Anti-Cheat: Standard

Security Engine: Cheat is based on the Security Engine 3

Additional options:

Hiding a cheat on a stream

Supported processors: AMD, Intel

Windows support: (how to find out your windows version):

Windows 10 x64 (version 1903)

Windows 10 x64 (version 1809)

Feature list (in development):

Aimbot (auto-aiming)

Aimbot only works for players and mutants

Aim FOV (target acquisition radius, default 200 degrees, cannot be changed)

Aim Key (Aimbot activation key, right mouse key by default, cannot be changed)

Aim Bone (the part of the body to which the aimbot will aim, by default the head, cannot be changed)

Max Aim Distance (all targets up to 50 meters will be within the range of the aimbot, cannot be changed)

ESP (Game Object Lighting)

Player (players), NPC (bots):

Draw Name

Draw Distance

Draw Skeleton

Draw Box 2D

Draw aim laser

Mutant (mutants)


Dropped Item (loot)

Container (boxes with loot)

Quest (quest items)

User Fire (bonfires)

Other (objects without category)

Draw Name

Draw Distance

Draw Dot


Radar Position (position of the radar, cannot be changed)

Radar Size (size of the radar, cannot be changed)

Radar Scale (scaling, cannot be changed)

Radar Marker Size (size of object markers, cannot be changed)

Misc (additional functions)

Crosshair (sight)





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